Aerospace Trucking and Logistics Services

Aerospace Trucking and Logistics Services

Success in the Air Starts with Excellence Over the Road

Bennett’s Aerospace Transportation & Logistics Management team has the proven experience to move your high-value aircraft engines, safely and reliably. Our experienced team of aviation transportation specialists are trained to provide professional on-site project management support, expert handling, and extensive knowledge to manage all your Air & Space shipments. When it comes to reliable, safe transport of jet engines, rocket engines, aircraft, rocket fuselages and other over-sized equipment, Bennett should be your first contact.

Case Study

Bennett’s Aerospace Transportation & Logistics Management team brings the right stuff in hauling MQ-25 drone

Bennett’s Aerospace Transportation & Logistics Management team went all-in to help Boeing keep its commitment to the U.S. Navy by delivering the MQ-25 drone four months faster than expected.

Dedicated Mission Success Team

  • Experienced trained operational team for 100% mission success
  • Certified, experienced company drivers
  • Command Center for mission personnel
  • Certified mechanics and fully stocked service trucks
  • Company tractors & escort vehicles

Aircraft Engine/Component Transport

  • Cross-country or around the corner
  • Critical and time-definite moves
  • Expert handling of all engine types
  • Specialized training and securement
  • Wings, fuselage, landing gear

Space Flight Hardware Transport

  • Solid Rocket Boosters, 2nd Stages
  • Major-assemblies/sub-assemblies
  • Hazmat capability/explosives
  • Customize/specialized trailers
  • Satelites, payload farings

Heavy Haul/Specialized Capability

  • Double drop extendable
  • 9-13 axle configurations
  • Double neck super 13 axle
  • 19 axle configurations
  • Dual lane dolly systems

Project Management

  • Accountability for all ground mission activities
  • Detailed route planning: safe havens, overnight security, communications, emergency procedures
  • Detailed route surveys with photos
  • In-house permit department

Risk Management

  • Emergency protocols
  • Experienced risk personnel
  • Risk assessment and planning prior to transport
  • Monitoring and mitigation during transport
  • Focused on safety as #1 priority for public, team, equipment, flight hardware

Aerospace Transportation and Logistics Capabilities Video

  • Around the clock dispatch services 24/7, 365 (352-266-6142)
  • Specialized transportation to reduce additional handling of engines
  • Expert handling of all engines
  • 24/7, 365 monitoring of all types of aircraft engines in transit, worldwide
  • 24/7 customs clearance
  • Customized services are available for tear-down facilities and mod-centers
  • Satellite tracking
  • On site project management
  • Engine handling expertise for most engine models

Ground Support Equipment

We provide Ground Support Equipment (GSE) transport-from tow bars to pushback tractors. Whether you require domestic or international support, Bennett’s team of professional owner/operators, dispatchers and management work together to safely pick up and deliver your GSE reliably and on-time.