Oversize Trucking

Oversize Load Trucking

Oversize trucking & load shipments are some of the most difficult to transport. They often exceed the size limits set for some trailers, meaning they cannot be shipped by general freight flatbed trailers or truck drivers. Specialized equipment, experienced drivers are required to navigate roadways, bring special attention to safety and freight. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, we have experience in heavy haul freight from oil/mining machinery to pre-assembled homes.

Oversize Trucking Logistics

Oversize trucking is not for amateurs. There are three things, in particular, that make the best heavy haul carriers stand out. First, highly skilled drivers. Second, excellent equipment. Third, seamless coordination with all parties involved, including the customer. This is vital to get the job done efficiently and effectively. With special planning needed for oversize load freight, our team helps to plan the following logistics to follow legal load guidelines:

Permits – If hauling oversized freight, permits are required for each state you pass through. We help to coordinate the proper permits to keep shipments on the road. 
Route Planning –  A business must plan its route carefully before oversize freight on the road. Prior to shipment, the vehicle’s logistics should be studied and a plan made – typically done 30 to 60 days ahead of time. When planning a route, a carrier should consider obstacles such as construction sites or infrastructure limitations. Technology should also be leveraged in order to make this process run more smoothly.
Escort Vehicles – Most states also require escort vehicles with a heavy haul, oversize load. Whether through the government or a private party, we help to make those arrangements. Overheight loads may also require a pilot car to drive in front to check for low height clearances. 

Working With Overdrive Global

When working with Overdrive Global and the Bennett trucking & logistics network, customers can be assured that your oversize load trucking shipping and transportation needs are in the right hands. Based in Alabama, we have a nationwide network through Bennett IG Trucking to manage your overweight load trucking needs. But what makes our oversize load transportation services different?

  • Efficient Workflow – With a staff that handles everything from inquiry to invoicing, you get an efficient workflow that keeps the project moving along.
  • Experience – Our members average 15 years of industry experience, we can manage and solve all situations.
  • Streamlined Organization – Inquires, questions, and needs are met with swift and efficient actions.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – By empowering our people, they take ownership of their actions and aren’t fearful of outcomes.

About Overdrive Global

Founded by Jim Tate, we are a team of entrepreneurial-minded individuals always looking to improve your oversized load trucking logistics to help your company improve its efficiencies. A veteran-owned company based in Alabama, we understand the value of communication and problem solving, which is why our team helps you plan around untimely events – helping you to make decisions when they matter most. With exceptional customer service, our oversize load trucking service helps you every step of the way. 

Let’s get started. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.