Alabama Heavy Haul Trucking

Alabama Heavy Haul Trucking Services

We’ve got the heavy load covered. As a specialized heavy haul transport company based in Alabama, we can provide transport for anything that won’t fit on a standard flatbed, such as large, heavy equipment including industrial machinery, military, and construction equipment – items and heavy equipment above the legal dimensions for a standard trailer. Throw in anything up to 400,000 pounds and our trucking heavy haul professionals will take care of your heavy load needs. These heavy haul shipments typically require special handling, optimized routing, and additional permits due to their size and weight. We’ve got all aspects covered for you!

Heavy Haul Equipment // Trucking Company

With a diversified fleet of trailers and specialized equipment, we can accommodate all types of heavy haul transportation needs. With an extended network in the Bennet Trucking group, we have access to the best equipment for oversize loads:

  • Double Drop Extendable – A double-drop deck trailer carries the tallest loads; because of its design, the double drop is capable of carrying cargo as tall as 11 foot 6 inches. The deep well and low-profile wheels of this particular trailer allow it to carry legal loads for roadways. This includes construction equipment, forklifts, trucks, and other heavy machinery.
  • Drop Deck Extendable – Similar to Double Drop Extendable trailers, drop deck extendable trailers have a well that can be extended to carry longer, taller pieces of freight. They have a higher and lower deck, with smaller items placed on the upper deck. 
  • Removable Gooseneck (RGN) Trailers – With a detachable front end, RGN trailers are ideal for the transportation of large equipment. The detachable front allows the trailer bottom to drop down, creating a ramp to load and unload. An RGN trailer typically has more axles, can come as a drop deck or double drop deck, and can be extendable.  

These heavy haul trailers typically have multi-axles to accommodate large and oversized loads legally. Each type of trailer and number of axles has a federal weight limit law. Steer axles can hold up to 12,000 lbs, single axles up to 20,000 lbs, drive axles up to 34,000 lbs, and tandem axles up to 34,000 lbs of heavy loads.

We also handle super heavy shipments, so please inquire if your heavy haul shipment exceeds the maximums above.

Heavy Haul Logistical Considerations

With many challenges that come with over size load shipping, be sure to have a trucking company that understands the nuances of heavy hauling. Experienced, qualified, and specially licensed companies will help customers navigate the red tape as freight is transported through different states and countries. For example, some states may require a pilot/escort vehicle operator or special lights to signal to other drivers. Having an expert handle the route planning means fewer obstacles along the way. 

Working With Overdrive Global // Alabama Heavy Haul Trucking Company

When working with Overdrive Global, customers can be assured that your heavy haul transport and shipping needs are in the right hands. Based in Alabama, we have a nationwide network to manage your heavy hauler needs.

But what makes our quality hauling services different? 

  • Experience – With team members averaging 15 years of industry experience, we can manage and troubleshoot all situations. We have the best experienced heavy haul shipping coordinators.
  • Streamlined Organization – Inquires, questions, and needs are met with swift and efficient actions.
  • Efficient Workflow – With a staff that handles everything from inquiry to invoicing, you get an efficient workflow that keeps the project moving along.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – By empowering our people, they take ownership of their actions and aren’t fearful of outcomes.

About Overdrive Global // Alabama Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Founded by Jim Tate, we are a team of entrepreneurial-minded individuals always looking to improve your trucking logistics to help your company improve its efficiencies. A veteran-owned company based in Alabama, we understand the value of communication and problem solving, which is why our team helps you plan around untimely events – helping you to make decisions when they matter most. With exceptional customer service, our heavy haul transportation company helps you every step of the way. 

Let’s get started. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements.