Specialized Trucking

Specialized Trucking

Specialized trucking services require intimate knowledge and extensive resources to provide the best services to get your freight from point A to point B. From knowing how what type of specialized trailers is needed to coordinating the right permits for travel across state lines, each of these elements is important to keep your business running smoothly. Overdrive Global transportation solutions help you through all phases of the journey. Serving numerous industries (mining, construction, oil, etc..) with transportation of heavy machinery and equipment.

Heavy Haul Trucking

We’ve got the heavy load covered. As a specialized heavy haul trucking company based in Alabama, we can provide transport for anything that won’t fit on a standard flatbed, such as large bulky items including industrial machinery and military equipment – items above the legal dimensions for a standard trailer. Throw in anything up to 400,000 pounds and our trucking heavy haul professionals will take care of your specialized needs. These heavy haul shipments typically require special handling, optimized routing, and additional permits due to their size and weight. We’ve got all aspects covered for you with the most advanced technology around.

Oversize Load Trucking

Oversize load shipments are some of the most difficult to transport. They often exceed the size limits set for some trailers, meaning they cannot be shipped by general freight flatbed trailers or truck drivers. Specialized equipment, experienced truck drivers are required to navigate roadways, bring special attention to safety and freight. Based in Birmingham, Alabama, we are a full-service provider that has experience in heavy haul freight from oil/mining machinery to pre-assembled homes.

Working With Overdrive Global

When working with Overdrive Global you can be assured that your cargo and transportation needs are in the right hands. Based in Alabama, we have a nationwide network to take care of your general freight trucking needs and are proven experts in the trucking industry.

But what makes us different?

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – By empowering our people, they take ownership of their actions and aren’t fearful of outcomes.
  • Experience – With team members averaging 15 years of industry experience, we know how to manage and troubleshoot all situations and have a fleet of resources to back it up.
  • Streamlined Organization – Inquires, questions, and needs are met with swift and efficient actions.
  • Efficient Workflow – With a staff that handles everything from inquiry to invoicing, you get an efficient workflow that keeps the project moving along.

About Overdrive Global

Founded by Jim Tate, we are a team of entrepreneurial-minded individuals always looking to improve your trucking logistics to help your company improve its efficiencies. A veteran-owned company, we understand the value of communication and problem solving which is why our team helps you plan around untimely events – helping you to make decisions when they matter most.

Let’s get started right away. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements. Request a quote and let’s start a conversation.