Alabama Trucking

Alabama Trucking & Transportation Company

Overdrive Global LLC is a family-owned Alabama trucking company with a wide range of van and open deck capacities. With our fleet of owner-operators trucks and outsourced support of contract truck drivers, we have the capability to service your customers with the most updated hauling equipment and technology. We provide contract and spot bid pricing to meet your budget, coupled with home office support to complete transactions in a timely manner, and a global network providing current update status.

Our fleet of trucks is well-maintained and up-to-date, and we have the experience and expertise to handle shipments of any size or complexity. We offer a full range of Alabama trucking freight services, including local and long-distance hauling, freight forwarding, and logistics support to get your freight to its next location.

Our privately owned transportation company understands that every shipment is important to our clients, so we take great care to ensure that all deliveries are made on time and in compliance with all safety regulations by our professional drivers. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service, so you can trust us to handle everything from load planning and shipping lane selection to final delivery. We are one of the top transportation companies around!

General Freight Trucking

General freight trucking can be used for both long-distance and local deliveries, and it’s a great option for businesses that need to move large or heavy items. In addition, because general freight trucking is versatile, it’s perfect for companies that need to transport a variety of goods on a regular basis.

Our Alabama trucking company offers flatbed and step deck general freight trucking services to move goods domestically or internationally. For cargo up to 8’6″ wide, up to 53′ long, and up to 40 tons in weight, we offer flexible shipment configurations to handle almost any need including flatbed trailers. We’ll be there to make sure it arrives safely and on time.

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Specialized Trucking

As one of the best trucking companies in Alabama, we provide specialized equipment and skilled experts to handle any super heavy, over-dimensional, and unusual freight as well as the specialized equipment needed to manage the heavy freight. Everything from the equipment to permits is handled by our team with years of heavy lifting expertise. For oversized or overweight loads, we offer multiple-axle, RGN Lowboys, and specialized trailers, plus experienced permit staff.

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Heavy Haul Trucking

Heavy haul transportation is used for moving large or oversized shipments that can’t be handled by other means of transportation—even if it involves driving on rough roads or steep grades. As a specialized heavy haul trucking company based in Alabama, we can provide transport for anything that won’t fit on a standard flatbed, such as large bulky items including industrial machinery and military equipment – items above the legal dimensions for a standard trailer. Throw in anything up to 400,000 pounds and our trucking heavy haul professionals will take care of your specialized needs.

Super Heavy Haul Trucking

Do you have a project that tips the scales over 100,000 lbs? And up to 1 million pounds? Heavy loads are a specialty at Overdrive Global trucking company, based near Birmingham, Alabama. Our Alabama trucking company offers specialized equipment and skilled experts to handle any super heavy, over-dimensional, and unusual freight as well as the specialized equipment needed to manage the heavy freight. Everything from the equipment to permits are handled by our team with years of heavy lifting expertise.

Power Only

If you have trailer-mounted equipment, a flatbed or dry van trailer you need to be moved, our trucking company offers power units and operators to handle the load. An increasingly popular need as it becomes harder and more expensive for companies to hire and maintain their own trucking fleet of drivers and equipment. Power-only trucking caters to your business without you having to worry about the logistics and resources involved.

Crane and Rigging

If you need heavy lifting, rigging, or advanced heavy haul freight services, our crane and rigging experts, offer safe execution for all your crane and rigging needs. With our transport services, we can take on the heaviest load that other companies have trouble with, such as oversized machinery, generators, industrial air conditioners, aircraft parts, and other large or heavy cargo. With our crane and rigging services, through our Network, we can help you through every step of the process. Certified through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) so you know you’re getting safe, reliable service. Safety is always a priority.

Freight All Kinds (FAK) Van Business

We offer general freight opportunities using our fleet of 53′ vans (both dry and refrigerated) throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico markets. Using our fleet of drivers, along with approved owner-operators based in McDonough, GA, and all 48 states, we service coast-to-coast lanes for non-hazardous markets. Using current markets, our sales team will offer truckload and light truckload pricing to fit your budget, which is proven by our record of servicing brand name companies across the globe. Our truckload van service includes single driver scheduling, as well as Team Specialized Service in order to accommodate an expedited schedule with overnight delivery needs.

Government Contracts

We are proud to show our patriotism and welcome the opportunity to provide trucking and logistics services for the military and the government. Using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we provide our Government transport customers with on-site management for even the most complex, stringent and time-sensitive freight shipments.

Working With Overdrive Global Trucking

When working with Overdrive Global, customers can be assured that your Alabama trucking needs are in the right hands as are the best in the trucking industry. Based in Birmingham, AL area, we have a nationwide network to manage your trucking business needs.

But what makes our quality trucking and transportation services different from other Alabama trucking companies? As one of the top trucking companies in Alabama, here is what you get:

  • Efficient Workflow – With a staff that handles everything from inquiry to invoicing, you get an efficient workflow that keeps the project moving along.
  • Experience – With team members averaging 15 years of transportation industry experience, we have the logistical expertise to manage and troubleshoot all situations.
  • Streamlined Organization – Inquires, questions, and needs are met with swift and efficient actions.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit – By empowering our people, they take ownership of their actions and aren’t fearful of outcomes. From our truck drivers to our owners, we take pride in our work.