Global Markets

Global Markets

Overdrive Global offers transportation and logistics solutions across a broad spectrum of markets. We provide high quality services for general freight needs, while having developed the equipment, people and processes to address and meet the industry-specific needs and challenges. Market specialization is in our DNA giving rise to nine affiliated operating companies working in concert to meet customer needs for more than 45 years.

Iron and Steel

We supports flatbed trucking for flat-rolled steel products, carbon steel coils, steel sheets, blanks, plates, pipes and beams for manufacturers and customers throughout the supply chain.

Our expertise at hauling metal commodities extends to copper wire spools, aluminum and conduit as well as the industrial machinery used in their production.

Oil and Gas

The Oil & Gas market involves logistical planning, maintenance and long-term partnerships to support the equipment that has to perform at top levels for extended periods of time.

Overdrive Global has ideal solutions from transporting over-dimensional equipment to setting up with our BOSS Crane and Rigging organization.


Aerospace freight is often over-dimensional and custom built, requiring precision planning and securement to prevent damage and to ensure the integrity of high-value cargo. We have the experience and equipment to serve the needs of manufacturers, contractors and end customers at military bases, airports, launchpads and manufacturing plants from coast to coast.

Industry Machinery

Overdrive Global transports whether you are shipping building materials or site equipment. We specialize in over-sized and overweight freight. We have the experience, skills and framework to support your move from origin to destination. We will work with your team to get your load(s) where you need at the specified time.

Let’s get started right away. Contact us to discuss your particular requirements. Request a quote and let’s start a conversation.

Energy and Power Grid

Transportation & Logistics for this market requires special considerations because of the enormous size of the parts. Overdrive Global specializes in the massive and over-sized.

We have the solution, equipment, skill and experience necessary to complete these projects with optimal time and cost considered. Contact us today to discuss your particular challenges.

Food Grade Distribution

Agricultural equipment used by professional farmers and weekend warriors have been at the heart of Overdrive Global’s services for more than 40 years. Manufacturers of ag equipment from garden tractors to massive computer-controlled combines trust us to transport engines, components and finished goods from the factory floor to the showroom floor.