Come and join us at Overdrive Global LLC. We can only get stronger through the new people we embrace and the relationships we build.

Dispatch and Operations team

Our customer brands and cargo transits are managed by seasoned professionals. Our focus is customer driven with safety and communication as our top priorities.

Joining this team means you sign on with success tools and lead by decades of domestic and globally proven leaders. Your trust in our relationships start the moment

Executive Team Member

Our leadership team is always marking the calendar with new ideas in mind. Our vision is nothing more than your ideas connected to a journey we share in a vast market.

A domestic and international planning team made up of top military and corporate advisors, and executing those resources into a global transportation network.

Domestic and International Marketing

Our sales staff are the heartbeat to Overdrive Global. From small business manufacturing to brand name corporations, this team specializes in a performance based platform. This executive exemplifies bringing solutions and building relationships.

Dispatch and Resource Support

Our dispatch team is the key to pollinating our customers with carrier support. This group connects our customers daily transport needs to our fleet of carriers. Customer service, kindling relationships, and quality satisfaction is the face behind this team.

College Post Graduate

This opportunity is for college students and graduates seeking a career in logistics. Overdrive Global LLC takes qualified candidates into consideration for a key role in global logistics and an opportunity to source our marketing plan for a career within the company.

Hiring Existing Logistics Account Managers

NOT happy with your current or old agency or brokerage? This is an opportunity to hire existing seasoned account managers from current transportation companies. If you are not under contract from a former company, and have a book of business you want to transfer over, Overdrive Global LLC has a position for you to advance with competitive commissions and bonus plans.